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RoKD (Rotherham) - Business Application

RoKD's new web based system, developed by Mariner Business Applications, allows RoKD to manage thier knowledge projects, team workers to collaborate online and acts as a repository for clients to view the knowledge processes developed through the RoKD knowledge acquisition process.

The web application was devloped using and SQL Server database

RoKD ‘s mission is to make it easier for businesses to develop innovative new products and services. Innovation involves risk, the commitment of resources towards an uncertain outcome and many new ideas are abandoned or shelved because the innovators find it difficult to acquire and structure the knowledge they need to overcome some of the problems in commercialising the idea.

The RoKD knowledge capture process is based on SPEDE that was developed using a £2M research grant funded partly by government research grant and partly from 3 industrial partners. Rolls-Royce subsequently improved the process to make it industrially robust and have used it to capture knowledge from over 1500 experts.

RoKD has further developed the process to adapt into a knowledge capture and modelling process that streamlines and speeds up knowledge transfer between different organisations; for example between small and medium sized businesses and universities.